Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson’s New Netflix Horror Movie Is Giving People Major A Quiet Place Vibes

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As if the idea of monsters that hunt by sound wasn’t scary enough, Netflix’s forthcoming horror movie, Bird Box, looks to be an even more terrifying assault on the senses.

In a trailer that dropped Wednesday for the Sandra Bullock-led fright flick, an “entity that takes on the form of your worst fears”—a line delivered by Lil Rel Howery—turns the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the only way to stay alive is to avoid looking at the outside world.

The preview features several shots of a blindfolded Bullock and her equally sightless children attempting a harrowing journey through the wilderness, a sensory deprivation storyline that is giving some viewers major A Quiet Place vibes.

Bird Box is based on Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel of the same name and stars Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich and Trevante Rhodes alongside Bullock.

Watch the trailer below.

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