It's complicated: Facebook's terrible 2018

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The year is coming to a close, and it’s time to reflect on what a year it was.

Luckily, Facebook can wrap up all your memories – from awkward photos to events you never planned to attend – with an algorithmically generated bow. Its “Year in Review” videos, every one personalized for each of the social network’s 2.2 billion users, are an annual tradition. Think of it as a thank-you gift for all that personal data you handed over.

But what can one say about Facebook’s own year in review?

From genocide in Myanmar to lynchings in India and a fake news tsunami in Brazil, this was the year that the global cost of “move fast and break things” came into focus. Throw in Cambridge Analytica, an exodus of executives, restive regulators, stagnating growth and a falling stock price and you have a portrait of a company in continual crisis. Oh, and don’t forget about the trip to Congress, waffling over Alex Jones, the odd defense of Holocaust denialism, a starring role in an indictment of Russians, and more.

Here’s a timeline of Facebook’s terrible 2018.

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