Cable calls for ‘tech titans’ Google, Facebook and Amazon to be broken up

Liberal Democrat leader claims recent scandals have shown web companies have gone from ‘heroes to villains very quickly’

Vince Cable has compared Google, Amazon and Facebook to the US oil monopolies that exploited their market power more than a century ago – and called for them to be broken up.

In a speech in London, the Liberal Democrat leader said a series of recent scandals, including revelations about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, meant the “tech titans” had “progressed from heroes to villains very quickly”.

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Tesla factory to be investigated over safety concerns

California base faces claims of unreported injuries as it struggles to roll out Model 3

Tesla is facing an investigation by Californian safety regulators into reports of serious injuries at its factory in Fremont, California, where it is struggling to scale up production of its Model 3 mass-market electric car.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration said on Wednesday it had begun an inspection on Tuesday, a day after the news website Reveal alleged that Tesla failed to disclose legally mandated reports on serious worker injuries, making its safety record appear better than it was.

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Amazon Prime passes 100m subscribers mark

Service that bundles fast delivery with video and music streaming edges closer to Netflix’s 125 million subscribers

Amazon has revealed that it has more than 100 million subscribers to its Prime service, which bundles free shipping with video and music streaming services and other perks to keep shoppers locked into its brand.

Jeff Bezos, its chief executive, revealed the subscription numbers in his annual letter to shareholders. The service, which costs users £79 in the UK or $99 in the US a year, was first launched 13 years ago as a way of fostering customer loyalty.

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A recent history of Australia’s banking scandals

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian It was a long and chequered road to the banking royal commission and as public hearings continue the revelations just keep coming. Here, we’ve collated some of the more outrageous moments in the banking and financial sector in the nine Läs mer…

Commonwealth Bank charged fees to dead clients, royal commission hears

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Some advisers charged the deceased for financial advice – in one case for a decade Commonwealth Bank’s financial advisers have charged dead clients for financial advice, in one case for more than a decade, in shocking evidence heard at the Läs mer…

San Francisco’s scooter war: city hits back as ‘unlawful’ schemes flood streets

City officials send cease-and-desist letters to electric scooter startups, as local residents complain the unregulated schemes are a nuisance

Some people are tossing the scooters into trash cans and lakes. Others are tripping over them on the sidewalk, complaining of broken toes and dangerous collisions.

The San Francisco war over electric scooters – which several startups have dumped onto sidewalks in a competitive rush to launch unregulated rental programs – dramatically escalated on Monday when the city attorney sent cease-and-desist letters, warning that authorities would “impound” the motorized devices to stop the “dangerous” and “unlawful operation”.

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Each Brexit scenario will leave Britain worse off, study finds

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Global Future finds Theresa May’s preferred bespoke deal would cost £615m a week Each of the government’s four Brexit scenarios, including a bespoke deal, would leave Britain poorer and cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds each week, analysis Läs mer…

Fox News gives Sean Hannity ‘full support’ over Michael Cohen revelation

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Fox star defended Trump lawyer without disclosing his own ties Network says it was unaware of Hannity’s relationship with Cohen Fox News gave Sean Hannity its “full support” on Tuesday, a day after the revelation that he was a client Läs mer…

Starbucks to close 8,000 US stores for racial-bias training

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Announcement after arrest of two black men for ‘trespassing’ Training for 175,000 workers on the afternoon of 29 May Starbucks has moved to try to resolve the uproar over the arrest of two black men at one of its stores, Läs mer…

New York launches cryptocurrency inquiry, saying people lack ‘basic facts’

Attorney general says inquiry into policies and practices of cryptocurrency platforms is an effort to protect consumers

The New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, launched an inquiry into cryptocurrency exchanges on Tuesday arguing that consumers often don’t have access to “basic facts” about how they operate.

Schneiderman described the inquiry into the policies and practices of platforms used by consumers to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as part of a broader effort to protect cryptocurrency investors and consumers.

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Tesla halts Model 3 production as firm scrambles to improve automation

Firm struggles to hit targets for mass-market electric car after reeling from excessive automation and mounting pressure

Tesla has temporarily suspended its Model 3 assembly line as Elon Musk’s electric car firm struggles to deliver on targets.

The company said the move was a planned production pause of up to five days. It is the second time since February that Tesla has halted its production line for the Model 3 at its Fremont, California plant.

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Twitter handles are big business, even if the owner doesn’t want to sell

The perfect @ identity is a must-have accessory for big companies and brand-conscious celebrities – at any cost

Everything has a price, even the top Twitter handles, and if somebody does not want to sell then they may be forced to relinquish their account.

“We have a marketplace which allows the sale of Twitter handles,” says Philly, a subversive marketer who founded ForumKorner, an online gaming forum. “Unlike some websites, however, we do not allow the sales of stolen accounts that some people phish, or hack, to obtain before reselling them.”

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EU moves to bring in whistleblower protection law

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Proponents say tax avoidance and emissions scandals show need for special legal status Employees who blow the whistle on corporate tax avoidance or cheating on product standards would be entitled to special legal status under a draft EU law. The Läs mer…

Bitcoin tools could make finance system safer, says IMF boss

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Christine Lagarde believes revisiting crypto-assets could ‘harness gains and avoid pitfalls’ The advance of bitcoin and other digital currencies could make the global financial system safer despite the prospect of “inevitable” accidents waiting to happen, the head of the International Läs mer…

Arrest of two black men at Starbucks for ‘trespassing’ sparks protests

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Protesters gathered at a Philadelphia Starbucks where the men were arrested after they reportedly refused to buy coffee or leave the store About two dozen chanting protesters have entered a Philadelphia Starbucks where two black men were arrested after store Läs mer…