Cable calls for ‘tech titans’ Google, Facebook and Amazon to be broken up

Liberal Democrat leader claims recent scandals have shown web companies have gone from ‘heroes to villains very quickly’

Vince Cable has compared Google, Amazon and Facebook to the US oil monopolies that exploited their market power more than a century ago – and called for them to be broken up.

In a speech in London, the Liberal Democrat leader said a series of recent scandals, including revelations about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, meant the “tech titans” had “progressed from heroes to villains very quickly”.

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Zelda? Pokémon? Spyro? Gamestruck players tweet their defining games

Under the trending Twitter hashtag #GameStruck4, video game fans have spent the day listing the four titles that defined their love of gaming. Some are predictable, others not so much

It’s a question video game fans often discuss: which games have defined your life? Now that question has become a trending Twitter hashtag, and some familiar classics are emerging as the most widely inspiring experiences.

It all started yesterday when streaming service Filmstruck took to Twitter asking people to list their four life-changing movies under a hashtag, #FilmStruck4. In response, Twitch streamer Marcus “EpicNameBro” Sanders tweeted: “I don’t watch movies, so I can’t do the whole ‘What 4 films define you’ thing. But I can do games.” He listed four titles – Final Fantasy Tactics, Demon’s Souls, Cave Story and World of Warcraft – and added the hashtag #GameStruck4.

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Amazon Prime passes 100m subscribers mark

Service that bundles fast delivery with video and music streaming edges closer to Netflix’s 125 million subscribers

Amazon has revealed that it has more than 100 million subscribers to its Prime service, which bundles free shipping with video and music streaming services and other perks to keep shoppers locked into its brand.

Jeff Bezos, its chief executive, revealed the subscription numbers in his annual letter to shareholders. The service, which costs users £79 in the UK or $99 in the US a year, was first launched 13 years ago as a way of fostering customer loyalty.

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Tech firms including Facebook sign up to ‘digital Geneva convention’

Signatories including Microsoft, Arm and Trend Micro agree not to take part in cyber-attacks

More than 30 global technology firms have signed up to a “digital Geneva convention”, committing never to partake in cyber-attacks against individuals or businesses.

The signatories to the “cybersecurity tech accord”, which include Facebook, Microsoft, Arm and Trend Micro, are largely from the US and western Europe, and do not include any companies from the countries perceived to be most responsible for the recent flaring up of digital hostilities, such as Russia, North Korea and Iran.

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Google Chrome now blocks autoplaying video with sound

Most popular browser finally stops unwanted sound and moving image automatically on both desktop and mobile

Google’s Chrome browser now blocks auto-playing video with sound, taking a big step forward in removing one of the most irritating things about the modern web.

Originally promised to be delivered last January as part of version 64 of Chrome but delayed until now, the feature will stop any video that is set to autoplay with sound from doing so on sites where the video is not the primary purpose. That includes video reports for news sites and other ancillary video that is often played off to the side of text.

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New York launches cryptocurrency inquiry, saying people lack ‘basic facts’

Attorney general says inquiry into policies and practices of cryptocurrency platforms is an effort to protect consumers

The New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, launched an inquiry into cryptocurrency exchanges on Tuesday arguing that consumers often don’t have access to “basic facts” about how they operate.

Schneiderman described the inquiry into the policies and practices of platforms used by consumers to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as part of a broader effort to protect cryptocurrency investors and consumers.

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Russia blocks millions of IP addresses in battle against Telegram app

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The guardian Edward Snowden voices support for founder as authorities try to shut down messaging service Russia’s internet watchdog has blocked an estimated 16m IP addresses in a massive operation against the banned Telegram messaging app that could set a new precedent Läs mer…

Number of Facebook users whose data was compromised ‘far more than 87m’, MPs told

Former Cambridge Analytica employee gives evidence before parliamentary committee

Far more than 87 million people may have had their Facebook data harvested by Cambridge Analytica, according to evidence from former employee Brittany Kaiser.

Speaking to the Commons digital, culture, media and sport select committee, Kaiser said Cambridge Analytica had a suite of personality quizzes designed to extract personal data from the social network, of which Aleksandr Kogan’s This Is Your Digital Life app was just one example.

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Twitter handles are big business, even if the owner doesn’t want to sell

The perfect @ identity is a must-have accessory for big companies and brand-conscious celebrities – at any cost

Everything has a price, even the top Twitter handles, and if somebody does not want to sell then they may be forced to relinquish their account.

“We have a marketplace which allows the sale of Twitter handles,” says Philly, a subversive marketer who founded ForumKorner, an online gaming forum. “Unlike some websites, however, we do not allow the sales of stolen accounts that some people phish, or hack, to obtain before reselling them.”

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Australia doesn’t exist! And other bizarre geographic conspiracies that won’t go away

A theory denying the existence of the country is gaining ground. But the suggestion that countries and cities are mere figments of our imagination is a meme that dates back to the birth of the web

Australia doesn’t exist. The signs were there the whole time: in what country is the only thing more poisonous than the snakes the spiders? How did we ever believe that kangaroos were a thing?

This discovery, believed by some to be a joke or a conspiracy theory, has been circulating on social media in recent weeks after being formulated on Reddit in early 2017. Except it turns out not to be the only theory of its kind: through the years, online sleuths have found that all sorts of places don’t exist.

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Google loses landmark ‘right to be forgotten’ case

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The Guardian tech Businessman wins legal action to force removal of search results about past conviction A businessman has won his legal action to remove search results about a criminal conviction in a landmark “right to be forgotten” case that could have Läs mer…

Ring: Amazon aids smart home push by closing video-doorbell firm deal

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The Guardian tech Retailer celebrates by slashing prices on smart doorbells, while deal includes transfer of customer data to company Amazon’s reported $1bn acquisition of video-doorbell maker Ring has closed, giving the company a significant lead over rival Google in the potentially Läs mer…

How can I store my digital photos for ever?

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The Guardian tech Arunima wonders if one external hard drive will keep cherished pictures safely available for decades, but it’s not that simple I read your article from June 2016 on What’s the best way to organise and store my digital photos? Läs mer…

Open racism and slurs are fine to post on Reddit, says CEO

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The Guardian tech Steve Huffman says communities can set own guidelines, but racism is permitted on wider site as people have ‘different beliefs’ Racist slurs are permitted on Reddit, says the popular social news and discussion site’s chief executive, Steve Huffman. Within Läs mer…

Shhh … Alexa might be listening

Detta inlägg post publicerades ursprungligen på denna sida this site ; News from, The Guardian tech Amazon has filed a patent that could allow its Echo devices to one day listen in on conversations to help with user recommendations. A handy feature or more fodder for conspiracy theories? Should you whisper around your Amazon Echo, Läs mer…